Liz for the Win: Part 1

Liz has a secret message to decode: “To get your clue, go forward two, but to get it done, go back one.”

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Episode Theme: Equipped with God's power.

1. What event does the band audition for?1. Zechariah 4:6b says, “'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.” Have you ever had a time where you felt like you were facing a “giant” in your life? Did you pray about your situation?

2. In 1 Samuel 17, you can read the story of David and Goliath. Goliath was a trained soldier with the finest armor. He was a giant of a man—literally! But even with all that going for him, he still couldn't defeat young David—because David relied solely on God. Think of David’s faith that God would win the battle for him as you listen to today’s program.

Memory Verse

“‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty”

Zechariah 4:6b
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After You Listen

In this episode, Liz entered the imaginary world of his video game, and he faced an enemy much bigger than himself. Sometimes it seems like God is asking you to do something that’s just too big or too hard for you. It feels like the enemy is too strong, and we are too weak. But God promises that you can always rely on his Spirit to help you. There are many examples in the Bible of people who relied on the Spirit to help them do the seemingly impossible. Samson is one: when he did his remarkable feats of strength, the Spirit of God is given the credit (Judges 14:6; 14:19; 15:14; 16:28).

Too often people make decisions based on their own strength and capabilities. But God wants you to remember this: he gives his people the strength we need for the work he calls us to do. So the most important thing for you to do is to listen and ask yourself, "Is this something God is calling me to do?" When the answer is yes, we can go forward confident in the power of the Spirit.

Want to dig deeper about strength through God’s Spirit? Read John 14:15-17, 26, Matthew 28:19, and Romans 8:26-27.

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What video game was Liz playing?


X-Monsters from Planet Xenon  


Where does Liz find himself?


He is a character in the game


Who does he meet?


Lucelda, Chamelia, Spigo, and Grand Anolia


What is Grand Anolia’s advice?


To get your clue, go forward two. To get it done, go back one

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Get a handful of coins and stack them into a tall tower. How many coins can you stack before your tower falls over? Use a spoon to try and push out one of the coins near the bottom of the stack. What happens to your tower before it falls over?

Sometimes, things might happen in your life which feel like the leaning tower of coins. It might feel your life is slowly leaning out of control … or even like it’s toppling completely out of control! The Bible tells us, though, that God is always in control, even when things seem bad.God is stronger and more powerful than anything you’re facing. It might seem too big or hard for you to do. Don't try to do it yourself. Ask God to help you. Tell your family about it and ask them to pray about it with you.


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