Liz: Temptation Hunter

Even though Grandpa warns him, Liz can’t ignore the temptation of fame and fortune and an adventure looking for hidden treasure.

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Episode Theme: Resisting temptation

1. Matthew 26:41 says “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.” Temptation is choosing to do something that we know isn’t right. Think about the last time you were tempted. What are some things you can do to resist temptation?

2. Luke 4 tells about an encounter Jesus had with Satan. Jesus had been in the wilderness for a long time. Satan came and challenged Jesus to quit God’s rescue plan. It would be easier for Jesus not to die on the cross. All he had to do was agree with Satan. First, Satan asked Jesus to turn stones into bread, then to test God by jumping off a tower, and finally to worship Satan. All these things would have made Jesus famous and powerful on earth, but Jesus knew that he was serving God’s kingdom. As you listen this episode, think about how hard it is to choose what’s right all the time.

Memory Verse

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

Matthew 26:41
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After You Listen

In this episode Liz was tempted to disobey Grandpa and look for the treasure anyway. He was tempted by the idea of treasure! Have you ever wondered why some things are so hard to resist? Then you should meet Eve in Genesis 3:1-13.

Eve had everything she could ever want. Each day Eve and her husband, Adam, went walking and talking with God. God told them not eat from a special tree in the garden. Then Satan came and talked to Eve. Satan also knew the one thing Eve must never do, so he tried to tempt her to do it. He told her lies about God and lies about the fruit from the tree. Eve should have run far away from the serpent's lies. Eve should have called to God. Instead Eve listened to the serpent's lies. She was tempted by his tempted that she ate the forbidden fruit.

What should you do the next time you’re tempted by something you know is bad for you? Run from it. Pray for strength to say "NO!" Ask God to help you resist. God can and will help you say "NO!" He’s promised to! All you have to do is ask.

Want to dig deeper and learn more about resisting temptation? Check out 1 Corinthians 10:13, Luke 22:40 and Matthew 6:13.

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What did Liz think the map would lead him to?


To hidden treasure.


What did Liz do when Grandpa told him not to look?


He took the map and went looking anyway.


What was Liz tempted by?


Greed or treasure.

Next Question


On a sheet of paper, create two columns. On one column, make a list of the things that tempt you. On the other, write down ways you can resist temptation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray to God for strength to resist the temptation
  • Walk away from the temptation
  • Remember a Bible verse to help you—Jesus did this!
  • Talk to someone you trust

Here’s an additional challenge—share this list with a trusted friend or adult. Pray with them to help you resist temptation.


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