Power Trip: Part 1

Liz and his friends are on a mission trip. Their job is to build a school and tell kids about Christ, but they are facing strong opposition.

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Episode Theme: One God ruling over all things.

1. Have you ever visited a new place where people spoke or behaved differently from you? Did you do things differently when you were with them?

2. Remember the Ten Commandments? The first two have to do with the place God wants to have in our lives: #1 ―“You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3) and #2 ― Do not make any idols of other gods, because God is jealous of our love and attention (Exodus 20:4-6). These always seem like the easiest commandments to keep. Most of us don’t worship other gods, right? Or do we?

Memory Verse

“You shall have no other gods before me”

Exodus 20:3
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In today’s episode, Sima and Tissi showed Liz and his friends that Jesus was one of many gods that they worshipped. Christians worship one God. Well, that is what they are supposed to do—but, you might be surprised!

Most people do not pray to many idols in their houses. But there can be other things that people admire or rely on instead of trusting in God. You might admire celebrities or sports figures. You might try to be like them instead of trying to be like Jesus. You might rely on money to keep you comfortable, or rely on your country to protect you. 1 Samuel 12:21 says that you are not to be distracted by “useless idols” because they cannot save you. In fact, they can cause great problems. When you put your admiration and trust anywhere but in God, you will be disappointed and anxious, because nothing can take his place.

Dig deeper into things that can distract us from God by reading Matthew 13:1-23.

Take the Episode Quiz


What is the name of the island where Liz and his friends go on a mission trip?




What are the names of the missionaries who live on the island?


Mr. & Mrs. Henderson.


Who met Liz and his friends on the path from the boat?


The elder of the village


What did they do for fun with Sima and Tissi?


They rode a zip line.


What did they learn about the religion of the islanders?


That Jesus is only one of many gods that they worship.

Next Question


Is there anything besides God that you “worship?”

One way to check is to look at how you spend your free time. Talk with God about it. Ask him to show you places where you are put other things before, or alongside of God. Make a goal for a week to replace your “idol time” with “God time.” Use the time you would have spent with distractions to pray, read your Bible, or show God’s love to someone. At the end of the week, how do you feel? Did you miss your “idol”? Was spending time with God more satisfying?


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