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Are Scooter and the gang too young to help when a big storm does some major damage to Terrene? Olivia returns and needs some answers of her own. Grandpa Anole becomes the center of the storm as the KC crew faces their futures!

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Episode Theme: Don’t wait to be older to serve the Lord. Serve Him today!

1. In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul encourages young Timothy to use his gifts and to set an example for others by what he says and does. What gifts do you have that help you serve example for serving God: physical gifts, artistic gifts, musical gifts, leadership gifts, athletic gifts, social gifts, or spiritual gifts?

2. 1 Samuel 16 tells the story of young David. David did not want to be a king when he grew up. It wasn’t really an option for him. He was the youngest of many brothers and worked as a shepherd. He liked to write poetry and songs for his harp. He loved God, and was happy to serve him doing jobs for his family. Little did he know that the gifts he was using as a child (the ability to live outside, courage, patience, trust, obedience, music, and poetry) were all gifts he would need when God called him to be a king! As you listen to today’s episode, think about what you want to be when you grow up. Are you open to other options?

Memory Verse

“Don’t let anyone make fun of you, just because you are young. Set an example for other followers by what you say and do, as well as by your love, faith, and purity.”

1 Timothy 4:12
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In this episode Scooter uses the gifts he already has as a young person to answer God’s call to serve others.

Timothy was a young person in the Bible who worked closely with the apostle Paul. Timothy’s grandmother Lois and his mother Eunice were strong believers. They faithfully raised Timothy to be an active Christian (2 Timothy 1:3-5). In Acts 16, Paul met Timothy. Many people praised Timothy’s faith and service, but he also had useful skills. Timothy was a good speaker, and he understood both the Jewish traditions and Greek life. Paul began to teach him, and because of Paul and Timothy’s work, the churches they worked with were strengthened.

Timothy became a pastor. He traveled with Paul to Philippi. Years later, Paul sent Timothy back to Philippi to serve that church (Philippians 2:19-23). Timothy grew up to answer God’s call to service, but he did not wait until he was an adult. Even as a young person, Timothy used his gifts to help others. Where do you see a place that needs your gifts and energy now?

Want to dig deeper and learn more about answering God’s call? Check out Ephesians 2:10, Colossians 3:23-24, and Matthew 25:34-45.

Take the Episode Quiz


What tool did Scooter make that looks like a shovel?


“Fantastic Digging Stick”


What tool does Scooter admire as the workers cleared the trees?


A chainsaw.


Where did Olivia go with most of the kids?


Granny Gecko’s house.


How does Scooter rescue Grandpa?


He digs him out.


Name some people in the Bible who served the Lord when they were young.


Samuel, Naaman's servant, the boy with the loaves and fishes.

Next Question


Senior citizens can sometimes feel like young people: that they cannot use their gifts to serve. Interview an older person that you know: maybe a grandparent or someone in your church. Ask them about ways they used their gifts as young people. Did those experiences prepare them for adult service, or did they use different gifts? What do they feel their gifts are now? How do they use them? Thank them for their wisdom and inspiration!


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